Polar Mist Prince Charming

Père: CH White Magic’s All the Right Moves
Mère: AM.CH. Polar Mist Party Girl
Indemne de Tares oculaire

Exempt dysplasie

International Champion, Champion of Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Iberica, Lisbon Winner 2015 ,Champion of Bulgalia


CH Misty Mtn's Lord-O-The Rings

CH Mystic Oz's Samie Caravello

CH Mystic Oz's Mardi Gras

CH White Magic's All The Right Moves

BISS CH White Magic's Rock Star

CH White Magic's Rock N Roll Fantasy

CH White Magic's Shanallee

CH White Magic's Master of Illusion

BISS AM CH. Rexann's Ringmaster

Int.Am.Ch. Polar Mist Party Girl

AM CH. Rexann's Dancing Noel

Polar Mist Wind Jammer

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Blue Ice

Am. Ch. Polar Mist Dancing Cloud

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